Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jesus Christ; Redeemer of Personality

           Greetings to all dear friends of Viswasi monthly in the matchless name of Jesus Christ. Let me remind you that God created man as the greatest of all creations in the perfection of holiness, in the fullness of personality and in the highest level of dominion.
            God created man a little lower than Him, crowning him with glory and honor. Man was given dominance over all creation. But, sin entered man and broke his relationship with God. We read in Romans 5:12 “as by one man sin entered into the world”. How sin could degrade a man can be understood by looking at the man with an unclean spirit seen in Mark 5:1-16.

           He was naked. He had his dwellings among the tombs. He was alive but worse than dead and spiritually he had no standing whatsoever. It was impossible to bind him even with buffers as he plucked the chains as under and broke the buffers in pieces. Nobody could frame him. Night and day, he kept crying and cutting himself with stones. To sum up, he defied all laws of nature, health and society.

          Today we can find the same particular state of this man everywhere- a state of no rest and peace. This degeneration in man is brought about by sin. Man’s personality is torn apart by different desires and forces.
This man ran into Jesus and a miracle happened. Jesus confronted with him and by the power of love redeemed him, making him whole by the unification of his divided personality. And look at the change in him .What a great transformation! From the realms of insanity, he was brought back to the world of the sane. Oh, what a tremendous reversal of Situation! And when people saw him sitting at the feet of Jesus clothed and in his right mind they were afraid.

           Dear friend, are you in the same condition as the man with the unclean sprit in the Country of the Gardeners? Are you not covered with the cloth of righteousness? Are you not in your right mind? Do you have a name that you are living when you are spiritually dead? Do you do evil works that harm your body? Do you break the laws of nature, health and society? Consequently have you become a man or woman with a torn personality? Look up, Jesus, the redeemer of personality, is approaching you. He that has power over all things will release, lift and redeem you from the depths of diabolic capacity. He will unite your divided personality, clothe you with garment of righteousness and put a sound mind within you. Out of the darkness, you will come into the marvelous light.

Pastor Samuelkutty Mathai
New Delhi